Terms and Conditions GLASHAUS Frankfurt

Hans-Martin Aurich

 Our prices include VAT and are final prices.
 Within Germany we send our products with Hermes Germany GmbH, DHL – Deutsche Post, with the DPD or another parcel service. The shipping costs result from the size of the goods to be shipped. If, in exceptional cases, we have to charge a higher flat rate for special articles, we will indicate this for the corresponding article. All information on deliveries abroad can be found under ´Overseas orders´.
 We process your order promptly and normally deliver the goods within 2-5 working days. In the fall and spring seasons, orders are received many times over, which can lead to longer delivery times of up to 10 working days. However, it is always possible to notify us of appointments by phone or e-mail.

Derzeit können Sie auf Rechnung bestellen oder direkt mit PayPal bezahlen.

 Until payment is made, all goods are the property of Hans-Martin Aurich – GLASHAUS Frankfurt and may neither be changed nor sold.
 We deliver not only within Germany, but also to Austria, Switzerland, all European countries and overseas upon request. Please make payments in advance to our account as stated on the invoice. For transfers from abroad, please use the IBAN number and the BIC-SWIFT code.
 German VAT is generally levied on shipments abroad.
 For our Swiss customers, the prices on the website correspond to the net prices, i.e. Swiss taxes and customs duties may also be levied. German VAT will not be deducted from the prices displayed. Customs clearance fees are charged upon import and are charged to the customer. They will be collected by the postman when they are delivered, together with any Swiss VAT that may apply. Unfortunately we have no influence on these fees and unfortunately cannot tell you their amount in advance. If you would like detailed information, we suggest that you contact your local customs office or the Postzollamt Basel at 061-201 2222.
 Below we have listed the shipping costs (2 kg parcel):


14,95 €
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

17,95 €
Great Britain, Switzerland

20,95 €

 Package costs differ in all zones.
 The customer bears the cost of a possible return from abroad.
 The contract is concluded when we accept the customer order. The acceptance through us is carried out with the transmission of the article. If the delivery cannot be made within 14 days, we will see a new offer to the customer in a new delivery after the aforementioned period. By accepting the delivery, the customer accepts this offer. If he refuses to accept the offer, he will refuse it and will not suffer any disadvantages. If the customer orders via the Internet, we will immediately confirm receipt of the order electronically. An acceptance of the contract can not be seen in an order confirmation.
 What to do if the package arrives damaged? If you notice transport damage when you accept it, we would be grateful if you immediately lodged a complaint with your postman or parcel service, who would then prepare a damage report. This makes our processing easier. Of course we will send you a replacement immediately.
 – The customer must examine the goods immediately after delivery and, if a defect becomes apparent, notify us immediately.
 – At our choice, we either repair defective goods or take them back and replace them with flawless ones.
 – The assertion of claims for damages is excluded, in particular for possible consequential damage or for damage that should arise in connection with the use or processing of the delivered goods.
 – Complaints about partial deliveries do not justify rejection of the remaining deliveries.
 – Our measures to mitigate damage are not considered acknowledgment of debt.
 – By negotiating a complaint, we do not waive our rights.
 – Any warranty claims are excluded for the delivery of used items.