Candlemas – Imbolg – Erdgramselfest – beginning of the farmer’s year

Rudolf Steiner / First auxiliary exercise - my tuning fork

The Christmas season is finally over and new growth and brightness are heralding. February 2nd was again a good moment to pause, to experience the moment and to bring some symbolic light into the world. This year the rain stopped in time for two hours and we (my wife and I) were able to light […]

First auxiliary exercise / Rudolf Steiner – Control your own thoughts

Rudolf Steiner / First auxiliary exercise - my tuning fork

For quite a while, at the latest when I started reading Caroline Myss’s books – first “The Creation of Health”, then “Why eople Don’t Heal an How They Can” and as the “coronation” “Defy Gravity” – my wish got stronger and stronger to spend part of my time meditating or at least treading a path […]

2020 review – insights – foresight 2021

Thank you in all languages - ©JJAVA -

Gratitude for a year, albeit an unusual one and a difficult one for many people, is at the top of my feelings, I look back to 2020. Personal the year meant 10 months of 100% commitment to light root cultivation. At the same time, on the one hand, I noticed the human, physical isolation and […]

A warm welcome to the “True Pearls” blog!

Walk in the forest with breathtaking lighting in the fog

Sometimes it is not so easy to find your way in the world. So many offers, so many possibilities block the way to essential things in life. François Hagdorn and Hans-Martin Aurich share their current experiences with you. François will do that with text and his videos and Hans-Martin will do it only with texts. […]