First auxiliary exercise / Rudolf Steiner – Control your own thoughts

Rudolf Steiner/first additional exercise - my tuning fork For quite a while, at the latest when I started reading Caroline Myss’s books – first “The Creation of Health”, then “Why eople Don’t Heal an How They Can” and as the “coronation” “Defy Gravity” – my wish got stronger and stronger to spend part of my time meditating or at least treading a path of greater inwardness.
But what kind of meditation? There are so many offers and each “provider” knows better than the other …
Yes, I also studied “How to Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation” of Rudolf Steiner with the supplementary exercises contained therein – but nothing “sparked”.
In no case did I just want to adopt a set of rules and then strictly adhere to them.

The search went on like this until I recently came across the YouTube channel “Ways to happiness” and there specifically the first secondary exercise by R. Steiner.
Ms. BvR (I couldn’t get more name out) explains this thought exercise so lovingly and personally that it immediately “clicked” on me.
Instead of pencil or matchstick – or cutlery, as presented in the video – my object for this exercise is a simple tuning fork. Amazing the thoughts that develop over time in connection with this little thing!

… maybe this video will also help one or the other!
Kind regards,
Hans-Martin Aurich

Thank you Ms. B.v.R for this loving introduction!

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